Areas of learning

empty hand arts

Ground defence arts

weapons defence arts

adult program

The adult program helps the student grow in mind, body and spirit. The academy is about family – our goal is to develop our highest potential together. Iron sharpens iron and one man sharpens another. We live in a society that is damaging to the mind ,body and spirit. In order to defend against an opponent on the street we must first learn to defeat the opponent within ourselves. Our training environment fosters a sound spiritual and healthy lifestyle – The foundation upon which you build the right self defence program.


Kids Program

The children’s program is dedicated to sculpting the student to have rightfulness, great social character and “decorum” – behaviour in keeping with good taste and propriety in the community. Since our original school was established  in 1992, our award winning martial arts program continues  to help kids achieve greatness. Through this martial arts education program they will learn self confidence and strong leadership skills.  Discipline, etiquette, focus and propriety are the cornerstones of our program. Help your child take the next step towards achieving personal growth and development the way they were meant to be.